Factory Reset Android Phone without Losing Any Data


Noticed abnormal symptoms on your Android device, Your Android device got stuck while booting, Apps keeps crashing, the screen went black, the device won’t turn on, or any other abnormal behavior? Well, chances are that your Android system has gone wrong or is corrupt.

Thinking such an issue can only be resolved by some tech-savvy, in order to resolve such issue, there is one thing which you yourself can do to resolve such issues, that’s you need to reset your Android Phone.

But before you Factory reset your Android phone; you need to consider a number of factors. Keeping those factors in mind we have prepared this article that describes how to safely reset your Android Phone without losing any data.

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Section 1: Factory Reset or hard reset.

Section 2: How to Back Up Your Android Phone Data Before Factory Reset.

Section 3: Steps to Factory Reset Android Phone.

Section 4: Steps to Restore Your Phone After Factory Reset.

Section 1: Factory Reset Or Hard Reset.

There are few small issues such as network problems, screen unresponsive, audio issues, phone slow, etc. such issues can be resolved by Soft Reset. A soft reset is the most common simplest and easiest form of reset, you just have to power off then switch the phone back on. A soft reset usually helps resolves minor issues and your Android phone gets back to normal working efficiently as it should.

There is no disadvantage in soft reset nor do you have to take any precautions and you never lose any data when you just reboot your phone.

At times when the soft reset doesn’t resolve the issues in your Android Phone, it’s a sign that you need to Hard Reset Your Android Phone to resolve such unresolved issues.

Let’s look at such issues that can be fixed by Hard Reset:

  • Apps crashing continuously or getting force closed.
  • The phone running slow deleted data and Apps but it’s still slow.
  • Phone eating up battery life than usual, the phone need to be charged more often.
  • The browser got slow, Apps taking more time than usual to load.
  • Selling your old phone or giving it away. If you don’t reset the new owner can get access to your personal details can recover your picture and videos, if the new owner is smart enough, he can get access to your passwords from cache memory.

Important Note: Factory Reset or Hard Reset will permanently delete all the data and settings in your Android Phone. All downloaded apps, photos, videos, music, documents stored in your phone memory will be erased too. After factory reset phone will be as it was when it left the factory. So, before you perform Factory Reset the first step is to Back-Up all your phone data and settings.

Section 2: How to Back Up Your Android Phone Data Before Factory Reset.

Here you will discover simple step-by-step complete tutorials How to use Android Data Backup & Restore. How It works and helps users to restore data from Android Phones.

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Step 1- Connect your Android phone to Computer

Launch Android Data Backup and Restore software on your computer (PC or Laptop) and select the “Backup & Restore” option.


Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your computer. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. When your android device is detected on your computer you will get a pop-up asking you to allow USB Debugging if your Android OS is 4.2.2 or above. Simply press OK and allow USB debugging.

Now when your Android phone is connected to your PC, simply click on Backup to start the Android Phone data backup.

In case you have used the software before and backed up the Android data, then you can click on “View backup history” and view past backup.

Step 2 – Choose types of files to up

Once your Android phone gets connected with your Computer, choose the types of files you wish to backup, the software is programmed to automatically check all the types of files for you. Now just press on “Backup” to begin the process.

During the backup process do not disconnect the Android phone; don’t use your Android device or delete any file while the backup process is in progress.

Once the complete backup is done, you can press the “view the backup” option to see all the files that have been backed up.

Section 3: Steps to Factory Reset Android Phone.

Once you have backed up your Android Phone Data, now you can Factory reset your phone. There are different ways to reset depending on the situation, among all we have selected the two-best way to Factory reset your Android device.

1st Method: Factory Reset using Settings Menu In your phone.

2nd Method: Factory Reset when a phone is stuck in boot or Recovery Mode.

1st Method: Factory Reset Using Settings Menu in your phone.

Important Note: Factory data reset is an irreversible process.

Step 1. Go to your Phone Menu >Settings > Backup & reset. Once you click on Backup & reset a new page will appear where you can see the option ‘Factory data reset’


Step 2. Press the ‘Factory data reset’ tab

Step 3: If everything is done right you will see an Android bot on the screen, wait and your device will reset in few minutes.

2nd Method: Factory Reset when a phone is stuck in boot or Recovery Mode.

When your phone is showing abnormal behavior not able to access menu settings you can Factory reset your phone.

Step 1. Switch Off your Phone.

Step 2. Now Press and hold the Power Button + Volume Up + Home Button all at the same time. A device with no home button press and hold Power Button + Volume Up


Step 3. If done right you will see the Android system recovery menu and will see a screen as shown in the image below.


Step 4. Use the Volume button to select ‘wipe data/factory reset and tap the power button.

Important Note: If your device is running on the android version above 5.1 you will need your Google id password to reset.

Section 4: Steps to Restore Your Phone After Factory Reset.

Step 1 – Connect your Android Device to Computer

Launch Android Data Backup and Restore software on your computer (PC or Laptop), then in tools select “Backup and Restore” use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your computer.

Step 2 – Choose the backup files to want to restore

Now click on “Restore” the Android Backup & Restore Software will show all the backed up data and files on your computer, simply now click and select the file you want and press View next to it.

Step 3 – Select and restore the files back to your Android Phone

Here you select the files you need, in a preview of backup files, just select then press on restore to begin the restore process.

The complete restore process just takes few minutes, please make sure while the process is progress you do not disconnect your phone or use it.

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Bonus Tip: Retrieve Android Phone When You Have No Backup.

In a situation where you accidentally delete important data on Android Phone and you have no backup what to do? In such a situation, you can recover data from Android Phone with help of Android Data Recovery Software.

Android Data Recovery Software for Android Phone can recover deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, WhatsApp chat history, call history, audio, notes, voice memos, documents, and much more.

You can download Android Data Recovery Software for Android Phones and tablets from the link tab given below.

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Above we have explained the best ways, how you can backup, reset and restore your Android phone, and when you have accidentally lost data how you can recover the lost data from Android.

You can choose to use what solution suits you best, but would recommend use Android Backup and Restore Software; because it’s very easy to use and its backs up almost all types of files and data, and is 100% secure.

Hope this article was helpful, will be back with more such article and guide if this helped you please share it so that others might also benefit from it.