Fix Android Phone Issues After Android 12 Update


Google rolled out Android 12 on October 4th, 2021, 2 months ago. There are users facing lots of issues after the Android 12 update, it’s normal to face issues if opt to use the beta version of Android 12. The most common were App crashes and battery drains. Since then, Google has fixed many bugs in recent updates.

Yet multiple Android phone users received the Android 12 updates recently and still facing issues after Android 12 updates. Here in this article, we have discussed the most common issues and along with each issue we have mentioned its solution to fix them.

The Most Common Issues Occurring After Android 12 Update

  • Apps crash when you open them or certain Apps stops or freezes in between operations.
  • Google Assistant starting unintentionally.
  • Audio issues like noise in captured videos, Bluetooth audio distorted or stopping, etc.
  • Microphone cutting off during calls.
  • Battery draining fast on standby.
  • The fingerprint sensor not working.
  • Wi-fi disconnecting.

These are a few major issues among many other minor issues reported by users. See queries that users reported about issues they encountered after the Android 12 update.

Problems after installing UI 4.0 on S21 Ultra:
– apps keep crashing. eg. Outlook, Google Search, Prime Video, etc.
– Facebooks works but i can’t open posts.
– The entire system also runs very slow and stutters alot.
– battery seems to drain faster atm.

Source: Twitter

Let’s now move to solutions to fix these above-mentioned issues.

Solution 1 – Fix Battery Drain Issue On Android After Android 12 Update

Let’s now move and see step by step how to perform the above-mentioned changes.

Fix 1 – Disable Always-on display

To fix the battery drain issue on Android after the security patch update, you should customize your setting and make some changes to it. Like, disable the always-on display on your Android. To do so follow the steps:

Step 1 – Open your Android phone’s Settings and select Display.


Step 2 – Now on the next screen you can see the option Lock screen tap on it.


Step 3 – Use toggle switch showing adjacent Always show time and info to disable it.


Fix 2 – Turn on Adaptive Battery

The adaptive Battery feature should be by default on in your Android phone, if you did switch it off turn it back on.


You can follow the steps and check, go to Settings > Battery > Adaptive preferences. On Samsung phones, you can find the Adaptive battery feature under Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > More battery settings.

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Fix 3 – Check Battery Usage and Restrict Battery Consuming Apps to Run in Background.

Steps to restrict apps consuming high battery in the background:

Step 1: Go to your Android phone’s Settings.

Step 2: Open Battery.

Step 3: Here you might see an advice card to restrict some app, tap on that card and then on Restrict.

Alternately you can also check battery usage, then you can restrict that app from running in the background if you think that app is not that important for you.

To do so follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your Android device Settings and then select Battery.

Step 2: Open Battery usage.

Step 3: Here you can see apps with the percentage of battery each app consumed in the last 24 hours. You can restrict some apps but it’s recommended for all apps to keep battery optimization on.


Solution 2 – Fix Apps Crashing On Android After Android 12 Update

Apps take too long to open, Apps closes as soon as they open, Apps open but freeze in between, and much more. If your Android phones are showing such issues follow the fixes listed below and your Apps should work as they should without any lag.

  • Reset Your Phone
  • Update Apps To Latest Version
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Manage Phone’s Storage
  • Force Stop And Clear Apps Cache
  • Reinstall Apps That’s Crashing Frequently
  • Update Android OS
  • Fix Your Phone Using Android Repair Tool
  • Factory Reset Your Phone

If you want to know step by step how to do perform the above-given solution you click the link given below.

Android Apps Keep Crashing [ Fixed 9 Effective Fixes]

Solution 3 – Fix Bluetooth Audio And Connection Issue After Android Update

It’s irritating when you use Bluetooth and the audio playback gets distorted and if it keeps disconnecting. I am sure you would have already tried some of the basic fixes like, restart your device, restarting Bluetooth, unpaired, and pairing the Bluetooth device again. If you tried all these to fix the Bluetooth issues and yet the issue persists, try a couple of solutions given below.

  1. Clear Bluetooth Cache and data
  2. Reset Bluetooth Settings

1 – Clear Bluetooth Cache and data

Let’s begin

Step 1: Open your Android phone’s Settings app.

Step 2: Scroll and select Apps

Step 3: In the Apps list open Bluetooth and select Storage. Check the image below for reference.

Step 4: Tap on Clear data and Clear cache then Ok to confirm.


2 – Reset Bluetooth Settings

  • To reset Bluetooth settings to default settings follow the steps:
  • Open your Android phone’s Settings.
  • Open System and then go to Advanced settings.
  • In Advanced tap on Reset options and when options appear select Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth.
  • Tap on Reset Settings and when asked for a password enter the phone password and Bluetooth settings will be set to default.

Note – After you reset Bluetooth settings all your paired devices will be removed, you have to add them again.

Solution 4 – Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Spotty connection and poor signals are the common reasons for not connecting with an Android phone, but if that is not the case and yet your Android keeps on disconnecting from your phone. You can reset your Wi-Fi settings on your Android phone.

Follow the given steps to reset Wi-Fi settings:

Step 1 – Open your phone Settings.

Step 2 – Scroll and select General Management and then tap on Reset.

Step 3 – Select Reset network settings and if prompted enter your phone’s PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Step 4 – Then check the information on the screen and to confirm tap on Reset. After that restart your phone and then connect with your Wi-Fi and it should connect and the connection should remain stable.

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Wrap Up

We hope folks the solutions we discussed above worked for you, and your Android device is working fine as it should. There are a few errors that can’t be fixed by troubleshooting. So if after trying all the fixes if your Android is not working, then all you can do is wait for the next security patch update in which the developers will fix the issues.

If something else worked for you that we have not covered in this post feel free to share it with us. You can share your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter pages.