Roblox Keeps Crashing On Android! Here’s How To Fix It


On your Android tablet or phone, does Roblox keep crashing? Roblox isn’t working or isn’t responding when you launch it? No need to be concerned! All of these Roblox mobile problems have a solution.

Simply continue reading this guide, apply the fixes mentioned and you will be able to play this game without interruption once more.

When it comes to the most popular online game platforms and game development systems for Android, it has a large fan following, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app.

Roblox constantly stuttering or crashing is one of the concerns that users have experienced since the game arrived on the Android version. Nevertheless, you cannot just blame the app for the issue because the smartphones may be at fault sometimes.

So, if you’re experiencing the Roblox stopped responding issue in Android 11/12 or any other OS version, you’re probably terrified. But did you know that by applying the proper troubleshooting techniques, you can simply resolve this crashing issue?

If you want to find out how to prevent Roblox from crashing, follow the fixes outlined in this article. But, before you go to the fixes, you need to figure out what’s causing the problem in the first place so you can prevent it in the future.

What Causes Roblox on Android to Keep Stopping/Crashing?

Do you know what could be causing your Roblox app to crash or hang on Android? In terms of causes, multiple factors may contribute to this issue. However, we have shortlisted some major issues behind Roblox crashing on Android:

  1. Slow and spotty internet
  2. Low internal storage space in your Android Phone
  3. Bugs in Roblox or your Android Phone
  4. Roblox server problem
  5. Old outdated version of the Roblox app
  6. VPN altering location and time
  7. Insufficient memory (RAM)

Considering all the above-mentioned possible reasons, you should apply the fixes on your Android phone and in Roblox app. Keeping all possible scenarios in mind we have listed the effective solutions that will you fix the Roblox crashing and Roblox Stopped responding issue on your Android phone/tablet.

So, let’s begin to try the solutions in order, starting with simple to complex ones and resolving the Roblox crashing issue.

Here’s Is How To Fix Roblox Crashing Issue On Android

Solution 1 – Restart Your Android Device

On your Android whenever there is an issue, you should first always restart your Android device. Restarting Android refreshes all its connections and fixes all minor errors. If you haven’t tried it yet restart your Android now.

  • Press the Power button until you see options on the screen.
  • Select the Restart/Reboot tab.
  • That’s it, now wait for the phone to shut down and restart itself.

Then check your Roblox app, if still, it crashes move to the next solution.

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Solution 2 – Update The Roblox App And Your Device

Many users disable the app’s auto-update feature on their Android which stops the system from auto-update apps using cellular data connection. In such scenarios, if you are just relying on cellular data. Chances are you have an older version of the Roblox App that may be causing the Roblox app to crash. So, check and update the Roblox app.

Follow the steps below to update the Roblox app:

  • Step 1 – Open the Play Store app.
  • Step 2 – Type Roblox in the search box and tap on search.
  • Step 3 – Tap and select the Roblox app and check if an update is available.
  • Step 4 – Update available then tap on update and update Roblox.

Now check the update for your Android Device:

  • Step 1 – Open Settings.
  • Step 2 – Tap on About phone.
  • Step 3 – Select System Update.
  • Step 4 – Tap on Check for updates.


If updates are available download and install them. Your phone will restart and then run the Roblox app to see it’s working fine as it should.

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Solution 3 – Force Stop And Relaunch Roblox App

If your Roblox app is up to date and it crashing then force stop the Roblox app and relaunch the app. When you force stop the app it stops the app and on relaunching it starts afresh fixing connection glitches thus resolving crash issues in most scenarios.

Steps to force stop Roblox app:

Step 1 – Open Settings.

Step 2 – Tap on Apps or Apps and notification.

Step 3 – Now open Roblox app from the apps list.

Step 4 – Now Tap on “Force stop” to stop the app.


Then go back to the menu and launch the Roblox app to check if the crashing issue has stopped.

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Solution 4 – Check If Roblox Is Down

Sometimes everything on your Android could be up to date. Yet the Roblox crashes this doesn’t mean there is an issue with your device. At times Roblox servers go down and at a certain location, the Roblox apps start to crash as the Roblox servers and down.

Determine whether the problem is with the Roblox service before attempting more sophisticated or time-consuming troubleshooting techniques. If it is, simply wait for the service to be restored.

The most straightforward approach to checking on Roblox is to visit DownDetector’s status page. You may also follow Roblox Status on Twitter to receive regular updates on Spotify’s current status. You can also check Roblox’s Twitter handle for their current updates.


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Solution 5 – Make Sure There Is Sufficient Storage In Your Device

Indeed, apps crash more frequently on lower-end devices. The limited memory buffer space is the most common cause of crashes. So, if your device is running out of free storage space the Roblox app crash can be caused by this too.

If your device is showing a notification that storage space running out. Then you should clear unwanted files and apps to free memory on your device. If there are large videos files you can move them to your computer’s storage or cloud storage and free space.

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Solution 6 – Clear Roblox App Data And Cache

At times, Android app files can become corrupted, causing the Roblox app to stop working properly and resulting in a poor connection. Clearing Roblox’s Apps cache can assist you in resolving Roblox App errors and problems and fixing the Roblox app crash on Android.

To know how to clear the Roblox Apps cache follow the instruction below:

Step 1 – Go to the Settings of your Android phone.

Step 2 – Scroll and tap open Apps.

Step 3 – In the Apps list scroll and select Roblox App.

Step 4 – On the next screen tap and open Storage usage.

Step 5 – Now you can see the option Clear Cache and Clear data just tap on them and clear both.


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Solution 7 – Close All Other Background Running Apps

When there are too many applications and services running in the background, the phone’s memory becomes overloaded and resources are consumed. If this is occurring on your phone, it could be the cause of your Roblox app crashing.

Close any background programs and services to make your Roblox app run without any lag and crash.

To Limit Background Apps Follow The Step:

To make these changes first you have to enable developer mode on your Android. If you have already enabled developer mode you can skip those steps.

Steps to enable developer mode:

  1. Open Settings on your Android device.
  2. Tap on About Phone.
  3. Tap continuously about 8 – 10 times on the build number.

Then you can see a pop-up that you are a developer now.

Steps To Limit Background Running Apps:

After you have enabled Developer Mode on your Android. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Go back and open your Android phone Settings.

Step 2 – Open Developer options on some Brands UI you will find Developer options in Additional settings.

Step 3 – Scroll and find the Background process limit and tap on it.

Step 4 – By default, it should be showing Standard Limit. Change it to At most 1 Process.



These changes will now limit one app running in the background putting no extra load on the phone. Now open your Roblox app it should run fine without crashing.

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Solution 8 – Tweak Your Roblox Apps Settings

Roblox game app crashing can also be caused by improper settings in your Roblox game. You can make some changes in the Roblox settings to prevent it from crashing while you are playing.

  1. Launch your game by opening the Roblox app.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  3. Go to the Fullscreen setting and turn it on. Enabling it will resolve the Roblox mobile crash problem.
  4. Go over to the Graphics mode and select Manual.
  5. Just go to the Performance Stats section and enable it. It will assist you in keeping track of your CPU, GPU, and data use while playing Roblox.

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Solution 9 – Uninstall And Reinstall Roblox

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the Roblox game app also can help fix the crash issue. But before you uninstall clear the Roblox app cache and data then uninstall the app.

Doing this will clear and corrupted the app file and when you download it again will set all the settings to defaults. Resulting in fixing the Roblox app crash issue on your Android.

So, follow the steps given above and first clear the App data and cache. Then uninstall the Roblox app.

To Uninstall the App Follow these steps:

  • Open Play Store
  • Type Roblox in the search box.
  • Select the Roblox app.
  • Now tap on Uninstall tab.


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Solution 10 – Use Android Repair Tool To Fix Roblox App Crash For Samsung Phones

You can simply fix Roblox crashing on Samsung phones without using any manual solutions, and it just takes a few clicks. So, if you need an immediate solution to this problem, utilize the Android System Repair Tool.

This powerful tool is effective in resolving crashing/freezing issues for any Android app. Not only that, but it may also be used to resolve a variety of other Android issues, such as a black screen, being stuck in a boot loop, a firmware update that is stuck, apps that won’t open, sluggish charging problems, and many more.

So, if you’re having trouble with any of these concerns, then download and install the Android repair on your windows computer.

Download Or Buy Now Android Repair

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Follow the user guide below to learn steps on how to use Android repair:

Step 1. Connect your Android Device to your computer

Download & launch Android Repair software on your computer and select “System Repair”

Fix-Android-by-Android Repair-Tool


Now connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable & click on “Android Repair”


You will now get the device information window, here select the correct brand, name, model, country/region, ad carrier details. Then confirm the warning and click ‘Next’.


In the repair process, the Android repair might erase all data on your Android device. Type in “000000” to confirm to proceed further.


Important: Make sure you Back Up your Android device data before you start to repair your Android device.

Step 2. Boot your Android device in Download mode.

Now before you begin the android repair, it’s compulsory to boot your Android device in Download mode. Carefully follow the instruction given below to boot your Android phone in Device firmware update mode.

Steps for Android phone & tablet with Home button:

  1. Switch off your Android device.
  2. Now, press and hold the “Volume Down+ Home+ Power buttons” for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. Release all the buttons and then press the ‘Volume Up’ button to enter Download Mode


Steps for Android phones & tablets with no home button:

  1. Switch off your Android device.
  2. Now, press and hold the “Volume Down+ Bixby+ Power buttons” for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. Release all the buttons and then press the ‘Volume Up’ button to enter Download mode.


Now click ‘Next’ the Android Repair program will start downloading the firmware.


Now after the download completes and the firmware is verified, the program automatically begins to repair your Android device.


Within minutes, your Android device’s all system issues get fixed back to normal.


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How can I Fix Roblox keeps disconnecting?

The server, network or device issues may be causing your Roblox game to disconnect and display error code 277. To fix your Android phone’s Roblox connection difficulties, try the following:

  • Switch internet connection, if using Wi-fi use cellular data, or vice-versa.
  • Change time & date according to your location.
  • Update your Roblox App and Phone OS.
  • Clear Roblox App data and cache.
  • Stop using VPN.

Why Do Roblox Keeps Logging Me Out?

If you constantly getting logged out from the Roblox app on your Android smartphone, there could be server issues, or as some users claim, it occurs when the games receive new upgrades, login troubles, or it could also be a malware problem caused by hackers. You may now solve it by doing the following:

  • Check if Roblox servers are down (How to check above).
  • Uninstall and reinstall Roblox App.
  • If changed your password on another device, use the new password.
  • Keep connected to the same network while using Roblox.

How Do I Fix Roblox “Kicked by server” Error?

There could be various causes for the Kicked by server problem on Roblox. It usually occurs as a result of server issues, like, the server is down or, servers undergoing maintenance, etc., if the device has the wrong time and date, or there are faults in the app. However, there are workarounds for this error:

  • Check if Roblox servers are down (How to check above).
  • Check your internet speed and stability.
  • Change time & date according to your location.
  • Uninstall or disable VPN service.
  • Reinstall The Roblox App.

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