How To Fix Visual Voicemail Not Working On Android


Visual Voicemail Not Working On Your Android As It should? Using AT&T, T Mobile Or Verizon Follow Along With This Article To Troubleshoot And Fix The Visual Voicemail Not Working On Android.

Voicemail service has been a useful service, it is a great tool that helps you when you are busy with your work and it’s not possible to attend a call. If you are in such a profession where you can’t attend personal calls or where you are not allowed to keep your cell phone on the work floor, then this Visual Voicemail becomes an essential service for you.

So, it’s very important that your Visual Voicemail works all the time with no errors or issues, but if you are facing the issue and your visual voicemail is not working on your Android follow the troubleshoots given below and fix your visual voicemail.

Not Getting Visual Voicemail Notifications if you changed or upgraded and got a new phone or a SIM card. You need to set up your Visual Voicemail. Check out your dedicated carrier website to know how to set up Visual Voicemail.

The solutions provided here are applicable to all Android phones such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus, Google, OnePlus, etc.

Fix #1 – Check Mobile Data Connection

If your voicemail is set then check your mobile data connection, the visual voicemail app requires a connection to a cellular data network, so make sure your mobile data connection is on and Wi-Fi is disabled.

Note – You will not get a Visual Voicemail notification if you have a mobile data connection disabled or out of the network coverage area.

Fix #2 – Restart Your Phone

When your phone has an active data connection and good network coverage and yet facing issues with Visual Voicemail. Just switch off your cell phone and then switch it on. Doing this resets your Android phone and network connections and many minor issues and phones start working normally as they should.

Fix #3 – Disable Call Forwarding To Another Number/Device

Have data connection enabled yet not getting Visual Voicemail, it’s possible that you have enabled call forwarding to another number. When call forwarding is active the call is forwarded before it can be sent to Voicemail.

Follow steps to disable call forwarding for Verizon

So, check and disable call forward, to cancel call forwarding Dial *73 then press send and wait for beep voice and disable call forwarding. If this does not work dial *920 and turn off call forwarding.

Manage call forwarding for AT&T subscribers.

Fix #4 – Clear Visual Voicemail App’s Data And Cache And Reset Voicemail

If you applied the above-given fixes yet Visual voicemail is not working. Clear Visual Voicemail cache and data. Don’t worry this will not delete any of your voice messages. This action will just reset the app. Not sure how to do so the follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings and under settings open Apps.

Step 2: Locate the Visual voicemail app and open it.


Step 3: Tap on Force Stop, and then press Ok to confirm.


Step 4: Tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Data and press Ok to confirm.



Step 5: Go back o to the phone menu and open the Voice Mail app and follow the on-screen prompts and complete the setup.

Fix #5 Allow Background Data Usage In Visual Voicemail App

In Android phone features like battery, saver restricts several apps from running in the background and it also restricts background data usage. So, if your battery saver is on turn it off. Then check your Visual Voicemail App background data usage is on or off. If background data usage is disabled turn it on to enable it.

If you are not sure how to do so follow the steps below. Depending on phone brands some steps might differ, but for all Android phones, the basic steps are similar.

Step 1: Go to Settings and under settings open Apps.

Step 2: Locate the Visual voicemail app and open it.

Step 3: Now touch on Mobile Data here you can see Allow background data usage. Check if the toggle switch is off, if it is then tap and turn it on and allow the app to use data in the background and also allow when data saver is on.

Fix #6 – Update Visual Voicemail To Latest Version

It’s most probably the Visual Voicemail app you are using is outdated. The issue you might be facing is because of the old version of Visual Voicemail that is no more working for you. So, check if updates are available for your Visual Voicemail app to update it. To check follow the steps below:

Open the Play Store app on your Android phone.

Click on your Profile image located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Find and tap on Manage apps.

Tap on Updates available.

Now search the list and see if the Visual Voicemail app is in it. If it is the tap on update and update the app to the latest version.

Fix #7 – Turn Off And Turn On Visual Voicemail

It might sound silly but just a simple turning off and then turning on the Visual Voicemail also fixes issues. It’s just like a soft reset. To do so follow the simple steps shown below:

Step 1: Open the Phone app on your Android phone.


Step 2: There on the upper-right corner tap on the three-dot menu and select Settings.

Step 3: Under Call Settings, tap on Voicemail

Step 4: Now You can see a toggle switch beside Voicemail, toggle it and turn off and then turn it on. This should do the trick if not move on to the next fix.


Fix #8 Reset Your Android Network Settings To Default

Apps that work on network connectivity can cause errors if there is an issue in network connectivity settings. In time, some network settings might get corrupted in your device that too can cause Visual Voicemail not working. You can troubleshoot and fix this just by resetting Network settings in your device.

Follow the steps below to reset network settings:

Step 1 – Open your phone Settings.

Step 2 – Scroll and select General Management and then tap on Reset.

Step 3 – Select Reset network settings and if prompted enter your phone’s PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Step 4 – Then check the information on the screen and to confirm tap on Reset.

Basic Requirement To Make Sure Visual Voicemail Work Without Issues

  • Your phone has stable network coverage, minimum two bars signal strength.
  • Your phone has sufficient free storage space, more than 15%.
  • You have a dedicated plan from your carrier that has Voicemail service included in the pack.
  • You have a positive balance and sufficient data.

Wrap Up

We hope after reading and applying the solutions provided in this article, your Visual Voicemail issue is fixed and is working as it should. If none of the fixes worked for you then it’s time to get in touch with your carrier’s support team.

If the solutions worked for you, please share your feedback with us. You can leave your feedback on Facebook and Twitter.