How To Transfer Data From Old Phone To Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL


Learn smart way to transfer data such as Photos, Videos, Music, Notes, Voice Memos, Contacts etc. from Android/iPhone to Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

Google Pixel phones are becoming popular for its photography software. Clean and smart Android OS and easier to carry and hold. The latest Google Pixel launched was the Google Pixel 4a. The Google Pixel A series is the standard budget smartphone under $400.

The new Google Pixel 4a is equipped Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor has 5.8-inch display, 3140 mAh battery, 12.2 Mega pixel rear and 8 mega pixel front camera, 6GB LPDDR4x RAM, 128 GB storage. Supports single sim and has Android 10 OS.


So, if you have got a Google Pixel 4a phone and getting started. Wondering how to transfer, copy all data from previous device. You should not stress. To make this transition easy and time saving we have prepared this article. In which we have explained how to transfer all your data from Android/iPhone to Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

If your previous phone is Android and you just want to transfer contacts messages documents etc. There is a simple way just backup all the data to Google account and login in with same Google account and sync backup. All your backup data like contacts and all will be synchronized on your new Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

Click here and go to posts on how backup and restore your Android Phone. There are various post find your previous phone’s brands and its backup method in that post.

But as you know Google provides just 15 GB of free cloud storage per Google account, and lots of users don’t upgrade and buy more storage space. So, there are lots of files that are stored offline on our device. Like me I always prefer my own offline music collections, large video files of birthday celebrations, anniversaries etc.

These are few examples, in short there are GBs of data in our device that is not usually synced or backed up to cloud storage. You may be thinking that you can manually copy and paste those data/files from previous phone to new Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL. Yes, you probably can, but that will take enormous amount of time and energy. Why waste time and energy on hard way? When you have a smart way to transfer all those data with one click and its easy and quick too.

Expert's Recommendation
For hassle free data transfer from one phone to another use Android Switch Software, which is the best tool to move data from one phone to another and it works perfectly with Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL. This is a desktop application available for Mac and Windows.

The Android Switch data transfer software is compatible with more than 8000 smartphones and tablets, and it support brands such as Apple, Google, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, HTC, OPPO, ZTE, Vivo, Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo and more. NO matter which service provider provided the device be it Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T its supports all of them. So, if your previous phone is from any of the above mention brand you can very easily transfer data from them to your Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

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Step By Step Tutorial- How To Use Android Switch To Transfer Data From Old Phone To Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

Let’s check how to use Android Switch step by step to transfer data from Android phone to Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

Download and install Android Switch on your computer from link provided on this page.

Step 1. Launch Android Switch on your computer and select option “Switch” from all available options.


Step 2. Now connect both device the Android Phone and your new Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL to the computer. Automatically the switch application will display two Android phones in display as shown in image below.

Step 3. Now check your old Android device as Source Device and Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL as destination device.The data and files will be transferred from Source Device to Destination Device. Make sure your devices are in right position if not use “Flip” button to exchange your device position.

Step 4. Now select they type of data you wish to transfer from your old Android to Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL.

Step 5. Once you have selected the contents you wish to transfer, simply now click on ‘Start Transfer’ to begin the process.

Step 6. Relax and let the transfer process complete. When the complete transfer done, the application with notify with a prompt. Then you can safely remove both the device from your computer.

In this way, you all Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL users can transfer data from Android Phone to new Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL, the transfer process is not only easy, but its also time saving and extremely fast as well.

Free Download Win

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Free Download Mac

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Wrap Up

I hope you saved you time and this post helped you. Now you see that data transfer from one device to Google Pixel 4a/4/4XL is not that a big task. The Android switch can be used to transfer data between all Android smartphones. Use Android switch whenever you upgrade and get a new Android smartphone.

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