How To Fix Error Huawei HiSuite Not Connecting


Trying to connect your Huawei phone to a computer/laptop, but not able to establish the connection between your Huawei phone and your computer/laptop using HiSuite. Getting errors like “HiSuite Not Connecting”, “HiSuite not detecting phone.”

Searching for answers to why your HiSuite not working? Want to know what is wrong with your Huawei phone, why is it not connecting to your computer/laptop? How to fix the error of Huawei HiSuite not connecting? Then read this article here we have all the answers to your query regarding the error HiSuite not connecting.

There are various reasons due to which your Huawei phone fails to connect your PC via HiSuite. It’s important to know the reasons behind the issue so that accordingly you can apply solutions to fix the issue

The most common reason behind HiSuite Not Connecting

1. USB Debugging not enabled

On all Android phones when you connect your phone with a computer via USB cable you have to make sure that you have enabled USB debugging. When USB debugging is not on and you connect your phone to PC via USB you can see that your phone is charging. That doesn’t mean that your phone is connected to be able to transfer data you have to enable USB debugging.

2. HDB Disabled

The HDB mode lets your device connect to your Computer PC/Laptop (HiSuite) without the use of USB debugging. So, if your Huawei phone’s HDB mode is disabled you can face this HiSuite Not Connecting issue.

3. Software Issue

At times when there is an update available, we ignore that will update later and carry on with our work. So, when there are driver updates pending on your PC/Laptop this “HiSuite Not Connecting” error can occur.

4. Hardware Problem

Check the PC/Laptop’s USB ports are ok and functional. If there is no fault in USB ports check the USB cable that you are using is not broken or loose. Sometimes the USB cable seems ok from the outside but after long use sometimes some wire breaks inside just near the jack where the USB cable bends and causes stress to inner wires.

5. Internet Connectivity Issue

Poor internet connection or no internet connection on your PC will also cause errors and your phone will not get connected with HiSuite.

These are the major issue that can cause HiSuite not to connect with your phone. So, let’s now move to solutions.

How To Fix Error Huawei HiSuite Not Connecting

First, make sure you download and install Huawei HiSuite on your computer and on your phone.

Solution 1 – Enable USB Debugging On Your Huawei Phone

To connect your Huawei phone with HiSuite or to a PC/Laptop you need to enable USB debugging. So, if you are not aware of how to enable USB debugging on your Huawei phone follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open your phone’s Settings and go to System.

Step 2: Click on About Phone

Step 3: Now on the About phone screen find the Build number. Tap on the build number continuously, tap till you can see a pop-up showing you are a developer.


Step 4: Go back to System and tap on Developer options.


Step 5: Here see for option Always prompt when connecting to USB. Tap on the toggle switch and enable it.


Now connect your Huawei phone with your computer using a USB cable. When you do so, on your phone you will get a pop-up to select “Use USB to”, select Transfer files.

On your phone go to Developer options and enable USB debugging. If it’s the first time you are connecting your phone with the computer while enabling USB debugging you will get the option to Always allow from this computer just tick mark the dialog box and select OK. See the image below for reference.

Once you have checked the Always allow from this computer and select ok. The next time you connect your phone with the same computer will get pop up like the image below.

Now once you have performed the above steps there should be no more issues in connecting your Huawei phone with HiSuite.

Solution 2 – Enable HDB Mode On Your Huawei Phone

Step 1: Open your phone’s Settings app.

Step 2: Go to Security & Privacy and tap on More (SIM Lock/Device administrators)

Step 3: Now here you can see the option Allow HiSuite to use HDB and alongside a toggle switch, just tap on the toggle switch and enable HDB mode.


Solution 3 – Restart Your Phone And Computer

When you think all the things are fine yet soft reset most of the time a simple soft reset of your device tends to resolve all the minor issues and all system starts to work fine. There are no complicated steps to do so. Just restart your computer and your phone then try to connect to HiSuite. If yet the issue persists move to the next solution.

Solution 4 – Update Your Computer Drivers

Check your computer if there are any pending updates, especially driver updates. Download and install them then restart your computer then connect with Hisuite.

Solution 5 – Resolve Hardware Issues

There can be hardware issues that can cause HiSuite not connecting error. Check your computer’s USB port. To check you can use a pen drive or any other USB device. If they are connecting and working fine then check your USB cable, use another USB cable if you have one, or borrow one from your friend and family, then if you find that your USB is faulty buy a new one.

Experts Tip – Use HiSuite Alternative Software

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This article has covered all the major reasons why HiSuite does not connect with your Huawei phone. Along with it have provided the solutions to fix the HiSuite not connecting error. So, by now if you have tried all the fixes and yet facing issues with HiSuite then it’s recommended to try a convenient and easy HiSuite alternative Android Backup and Restore. We appreciate our reader’s feedback and suggestions regarding the article, you all can reach us on our Facebook and Twitter any topic-related inputs are always welcome.