How To View Text Messages Send From Blocked Numbers On Android


We all use Smartphones to keep in touch with our friends and family. But not all the calls and messages are welcomed. Whatever reason one may have, we all get irate at times and block numbers to get rid of calls and messages from that person.

However, it is also true that there are times when we want to see those blocked text messages from blocked contacts. A common question in this situation is, “Can you view text messages sent from blocked numbers on Android?”

The answer is yes if your Android device has Android 5.0 or a higher version this is article will teach you how to view text messages sent from blocked numbers on Android.

The steps might vary depending upon your Android phone model make and brand but the basic method is the same.

Is there a way to see messages from a blocked number?

On Android device when you block contact or an unknown number, the messages sent by them is diverted to blocklist/blacklist. You just don’t receive any notification for those blocked text messages or calls. But when you desire to see those block messages you can easily view and read them.

How can you see messages sent from a blocked number?

To read those messages send by blocked numbers follow the steps given below:

  • Open the messaging app after unlocking your Android handset.
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner to show a quick menu.
  • Select “Blocked messages” from the drop menu.
  • This will show you all the blocked messages you’ve received.
  • Keep your finger on the message to get the option to erase or restore it.


Moreover, if you accidentally delete instead of restoring the blocked message. You can also retrieve those deleted blocked messages if you act then and there.

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The easiest way to retrieve deleted text messages from any Android phone is to use Android Data Recovery, a recovery tool that enables Android Phones users to recover data quickly and easily.

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Steps To Recover Deleted Text Messages From Android Phones Using Android Data Recovery

First Download and Install the SMS Text Message Recovery Software from the link above.

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone via USB cable to your computer

Launch Android  Data Recovery software on your computer, (PC or Laptop) and select “Recover”.


Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. When your android device is detected on your computer and USB debugging is not enabled, the recovery tool will show brand names, you will see the screen as follows.


Just click on the logo of your phone’s brand and it will show you instructions on how to enable USB debugging, follow it, and enable USB debugging. Check your phone the software will ask permission access to connect to install the recovery package. When you get a prompt on your phone allow to proceed.



Step 2. Now select the file types to scan

When your phone is connected successfully to your computer, the recovery software will display all the supported data that can be recovered. By default, it has checked all the file types. Now you have to just select messages as you want to recover deleted text messages.



After you have selected messages to recover click Next, the recovery tool will scan your device to get device information.


If your Android Phone is not rooted, Android Data software will root your device. After the recovery has complete your device will again be unrooted, this process does not affect your phone or your phone’s warranty.


Just click Next to start data recovery. Once you click next the recovery tool will start analyzing the device to recover deleted text messages.



The Text message Recovery Software will now start scanning your android device to retrieve lost and deleted text messages. This scan will take a few minutes. So be patient and let the software complete the scan and recover deleted text messages.

Step 3: Preview and recover text messages from your Android device

Now when the scan is complete, the Text message Recovery Software will display the deleted text messages., you can preview select the text messages you want and click recover to save the selected text messages. Now you can recover and restore the deleted text messages to your device or Recover and save data to your computer.



We hope this article helped and you now know how you can view and read blocked text messages, along with that we also provided a solution to recover and get back deleted text messages from Android. Share your experience and suggestions with us on our Facebook and Twitter.