How To Recover WhatsApp Messages/Photos And Videos Deleted By Sender


Summary: Using WhatsApp messaging service, now and then seeing messages send to you was deleted by the sender, anxious to know what it was? Want to know what was deleted by the sender? Continue Reading this article to know how to recover those messages, photos, videos, audios and documents that was deleted by the sender.

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Note: Above mention solutions works on all Android Phones, using android version 4.1 and above and the solutions works on all brands of Androids phones such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Asus, LG, Huawei, Honor, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, HTC, OnePlus etc.

Lots of us use WhatsApp to chat and share media files and many times we see “This message was deleted” for some or other reason sender deletes it before the recipient can see it, using the feature Delete For Everyone on WhatsApp.

Many people don’t know that “Delete For Everyone” is not full proof and that those messages and media still can be read and seen. Want to know how let’s find out.

Edited Note: The solutions discussed in this article are not 100 percent full proof. After long time of use i have seen the Applications misbehaves and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. In the course of time I have also found some other Apps available on Play store that can be used to recover deleted Whats App messages and media. You can use the Apps mentioned below too to recover whats app messages and media deleted by sender :

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Solution 1: Recover deleted messages deleted by sender

Step 1: Go to Play Store Download and Install “Notification History” By Yotta Studio.


Step 2:  Give App access to Notification you have to manually enable it or else it won’t work.

You are all set up now whenever any sender deletes send messages, be it WhatsApp message, or messages deleted on messenger it will be saved by Notification History which you can read later.

This app uses Accessibility services. Information are only stored locally and not shared.

Note: With help of Notification History App you can just read deleted text deleted media files are not saved in Notification History but you can see the history what was send like it was a video or image. Below read solution to recover media files deleted by sender on WhatsApp.

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Solution 2: Recover deleted photos, videos, audio and documents deleted by sender

To recover photos, videos, audios and documents deleted by sender on WhatsApp, you just have to Download and Install an App called Recycle Master by Dc Mobile Dev Team its available on Play Store.


Just download install and enable it, once enabled all sender’s deleted media files will be backed up by Recycle Master which you can select to recover if you want to see it.

Bonus Tip:

Recycle Master just not only back up your WhatsApp media its also backs up all deleted media in your phone and even uninstalled apps are also backed so if accidently you or someone deletes anything you can find in Recycle Master and recover it.

There are numerous amounts of third-party apps, about which you might have heard or read about which can recover and back up deleted messages, but it’s always recommended that you avoid installing third party apps on your phone. It makes you phone vulnerable because those third-party apps may contain malware/virus which can steal your data or harm your device.

Always download apps from Play Store if you want to keep your information safe and protect your phone.


In the article above we have explained the solution on How To Recover WhatsApp Messages/Photos And Videos Deleted By Sender, we hope this article was useful and its helped you, if yes share it with others so that they also can learn How To Recover WhatsApp Messages/Photos And Videos Deleted By Sender.

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