How to Recover Deleted Data From Black Shark 2


Black Shark a new name in mobile gaming flagship Smartphone, they globally unveiled their first phone in November 2018 with its successful launch they recently launched its successor Black Shark 2.

Black Shark 2 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, GPU Adreno 640, 48MP + 13MP rear camera 20MP front camera, has unique Direct Touch Multilayer Liquid cooling, up to 12GB RAM and 256GB Storage, operates on Android Pie 9.0.

You can turn Black Shark 2 Gaming smartphone into a Gaming Console just have to attach it to Black Shark Gamepad can connect it with a TV or monitor with help of type C HDMI cable. In short, Black Shark 2 the best gaming phone gamers can carry in their pocket.

To Know Complete Features and specification of Black Shark 2 visit: Black Shark Official Site

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Now leaving all these things one thing always might happen no matter how advance your phone is that is you or someone accidentally deleting important stuff on Black Shark 2, regret deleting photos, videos, contacts etc. Later realizing It was important need it back. Wondering if can get the deleted data back.

Don’t worry, you are in luck as Black Shark 2 operates on Android Pie 9.0. Here with help of this post you can easily learn how to recover deleted or lost data from Black Shark 2.

Experts Recommendation
The best way to recover the deleted lost data from Black Shark 2 is to use Android Data Recovery which is a suitable Data Recovery Software which can help Black Shark 2 user to achieve hassle free data recovery. This Android Data Recovery Software will help you get back deleted/lost data, documents and other files from your Black Shark 2.

This Android Data Recovery Tool can help you:

    • Recover deleted/ lost data such as photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages, call recordings, notes, documents and other files from Black Shark 2.
    • Retrieve deleted data from internal memory.
    • Preview all files and data that can be recovered before you save it.
    • Recovers From Both Unrooted & Rooted Android Devices.

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Android data recovery tool has highest retrieval rate in industry and its 100% safe and secure and its available for both Windows and Mac.

Common Scenarios Which Causes Data Loss From Your Black Shark 2

There can be end numbers of reasons that could result in deletion of important data and files from Black Shark 2 some of them are as follows:

  • Factory resetting deletes all your saved files.
  • Accidental deletion is most common, it happens unintentionally with one wrong press.
  • Formatting you Black Shark 2 Android phone also deletes all data.
  • By Virus infection when your get contents from other devices or download from untrusted sites etc.

Lots more.

Important Note: Once you realized that you have accidently deleted Black Shark 2 data by mistake and if you need to recover them, you must stop using your phone and disconnect it from wifi or cellular data immediately, because if new data gets generated it may overwrite all deleted data and you might loose the deleted data forever.

Types Of Files That Can Be Recovered With Help Of This Android Data Recovery Software

Photos and Images: Be it photos you have taken from your device camera or downloaded from web. If it’s deleted it can be recovered, supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, WEBP etc.

Videos: Recover deleted or lost videos, whether you have recorded it on you device or downloaded it from web or got it from elsewhere. With help of this Android Data Recovery software you can recover deleted videos, movies and recordings, supported video formats are MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, AVCHD etc.

Whatapps: Recover deleted chats and media files from WhatApps.

Contacts: Recover deleted contact’s phone numbers, emails ids, address. Whether you have saved it in your Android device internal memory or in your SIM card. Files can be restored AS CSV, VCF, HTML format.

Text Messages: With help of this Android Recovery Software, you can recover deleted text messages, mms and its attachments. Files restored in CSV/HTML.

Documents: Recover deleted documents from your android device. This Android recovery software can retrieve deleted documents files such as EXCEL, WORD, PDF, PPT, ZIP, RAR, HTML etc.

Audio: Recover all deleted lost audio files such as music, call recordings, voice recordings etc with help of this Android Recovery Software. Supported audio formats are MP3, WAV, MP4A, AMR etc.

Call Log: Call history such as outgoing, incoming, missed or received calls all can be recovered with names, phone numbers and call duration all these files can be retrieved and exported to pc as HTML file.

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Like above given examples there can be many reasons and situation which could result in deletion or loss of valuable data from your Black Shark 2 Phone.

Now the problem arises: how to retrieve those deleted data from your Black Shark 2 Phone?


Below find out step by step complete tutorials How to use Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Connect Your Black Shark 2 via usb interface to your computer

Download & Launch Android  Data Recovery software on your computer, (PC or Laptop) and select “Recover”.


Connect your Black Shark 2 phone to computer using a usb cable. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. When your Black Shark 2 phone is detected on your computer you will see the screen as follows.

Step 2. Now select the file types to scan

When your Black Shark 2 phone is connected successfully to your computer, Android Data software for Android will display all the supported data that can be recovered. By default, it has checked all the file types. Now you have to just select the data that you’d like to recover.

If your Black Shark 2 phone is not rooted, Android Data software will offer two options: “Scan for deleted files” and “Scan for all files” choose want you want . Scan for all files will take longer time, but will scan for files more thoroughly.

After you have selected the type of file you want to recover click “Next” to continue the data recovery process.

The Android Data Recovery Software will now start scanning your Black Shark 2 phone to retrieve lost and deleted data. This scan will take few minutes. So be patient and let the software complete the scan and recover data.

Step 3: Preview and recover data from your Black Shark 2 phone

Now when scan is complete, the Android Data software will display the found data, you can preview select the files you want and click recover to save the selected files. All files will be saved on your computer.

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Tips To Remember – Backup And Restore Black Shark 2

It’s always recommended to keep backup of your Black Shark 2 phone data to your PC, to prevent situation of data loss or deletion. With the help of Android Data Backup and Restore Software it’s done very easily. This software is compatible with all Black Shark 2 Phones which help you backup all types of data photos, videos, audios, messages, contacts, documents, call history, apps and apps data etc.

You should also use local cloud backup services to backup your phone data, it’s now available by default in every Android phone but in case you don’t have it in your Black Shark 2 phone you can simply download it from playstore its free. Google Drive, Drop Box, Google Photos, One drive are few example of cloud storage app.

Wrap Up

In this article above we have explained the solution to resolve data loss recovery, given step by step tutorial how recover deleted data from Black Shark 2 phone. It’s recommended to use  Android Data Recovery Software for recovery of deleted data in case you have no backup of your Black Shark 2 Phone.

Along with solution we have given tips on how to back up your Black Shark 2 phone data to your computer, with help of Android Data Backup and Restore software, so that in future if you encounter data loss or deletion you can easily restore your Black Shark 2 phone.

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