Best Way To Recover Deleted Data From OPPO A91/A31/A12

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OPPO A91/A31/A12 smartphone users losing files can be depressing. Especially if the deleted/lost data are important. We use our smartphones more than any other device. Seeing the increase in smartphone uses, it became necessary for smartphone manufacturers to provide large storage space. So, that users can save each and everything they can on their device.

The memorable moments birthdays, anniversaries, those wild parties with buddies are all saved on our phone. Along with that we also save important documents, work material too, which everyone would like to keep forever.

But unfortunately, the data which you save in your OPPO A91/A31/A12, like any other phone is vulnerable and prone to data loss. Data loss/deletion can happen any time from your OPPO A91/A31/A12.

Don’t worry! If you have deleted/ lost Photos, Videos, Messages, Contacts, Documents, audio, and other data from your OPPO A91/A31/A12 you can recover them all.

We have prepared this article, where we are going to discuss how to recover those lost or deleted Photos, Videos, Messages, Contacts, Documents, audio, and other data from OPPO A91/A31/A12.

Along with recovery solutions will are going to shed light on the issues that cause data loss from your OPPO A91/A31/A12. So, in the future, you avoid those scenarios.

The Causes of Data Loss From OPPO A91/A31/A12 Can Be As Follows:

Unintentional Deletion If your OPPO A91/A31/A12 storage is about to get full, and to free space, you were deleting unwanted files, but with this impulsive action you ended up deleting important files.

Someone Else Deleted Files – There are strong chances if some files are suddenly missing, it got deleted by someone else who has access to your OPPO A91/A31/A12. It can happen due to ignorance or intentionally.

Forgot Phone Password/Pin/Pattern– Changed OPPO A91/A31/A12 phone lock recently but can’t remember new Password/ Pin or Pattern. For a long been using fingerprint lock and forgot PIN, and unfortunately, the same finger got burned or injured.

Virus/Malware When you download something from an untrusted site or get content from an infected phone. This can also wipe out your memory or corrupt your OPPO A91/A31/A12.

Factory ResetPerforming a factory reset without creating backup also results in data loss from your OPPO A91/A31/A12.

These are some common scenarios that can be a reason for data loss from your OPPO A91/A31/A12. So, now the question is how to retrieve the deleted data from OPPO A91/A31/A12.

Thanks to World’s 1st Android Data Recovery Software, with its help you can recover all deleted data from your OPPO A91/A31/A12.

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The best way to recover the deleted lost data from OPPO A91/A31/A12 is to use Android Data Recovery which is a suitable OPPO Phone Data Recovery Software which helps OPPO A91/A31/A12 users to achieve hassle-free data recovery. It’s available for both Windows and Mac computers.
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Using This OPPO A91/A31/A12 Data Recovery Tool, You Can:

  • Recover deleted data from the internal memory of OPPO A91/A31/A12
  • Can  recover data from both external memory [ SD Card, Micro SD Card] used in OPPO A31/A12
  • Preview all recovered data before you save it.
  • Can save recovered data back to OPPO A91/A31/A12 memory or can save on your computer.

Now let’s move to recovery solutions. First, download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer, download from the link provided above. Then to know the steps on how to use the OPPO A91/A31/A12 Data Recovery Tool, click on the solution link below. Out of two available data recovery solutions choose the one that suits your need.

Solution 1- Recover Deleted Data from OPPO A91/A31/A12

Solution 2- Recover Deleted Data from Memory Card Used in OPPO A31/A12

Important Note: As soon as you know data has been deleted. Do not use your OPPO A91/A31/A12 if you wish to recover deleted or lost data. Because if you keep using it, new data will be generated that will overwrite the inaccessible deleted content and it will be lost forever. Don’t use any app, or use your OPPO A91/A31/A12 even to browse the net, and disconnect your OPPO A91/A31/A12 from the internet too.

Precaution You Should Take to Avoid Future Data Loss:

Unintentional Deletion can happen at any time, to secure data loss due to this keep data auto backup on, use cloud storage and make sure important files are backed up from time to time.

 Someone Else Deleted Files in order to avoid this scenario, make sure you give your phone access to trusted people. To avoid accidental deletion by kids, lock your important files, use App lock. Use a different password for phone and phone locks. Though fingerprint locks are convenient avoid fingerprint or face locks as App locks, use password or Pin for App locks.

To protect your phone from virus attacks/ malware don’t download content from untrusted sites, don’t open emails received from unknown IDs, avoid opening unknown email or unknown messages, if have doubt just throw it out.

Factory Reset – Before you perform a factory reset of your OPPO Phone,  first always backup all your OPPO data to a computer and then perform a factory reset.

Wrap Up

We hope you recovered deleted data from your OPPO A91/A31/A12. Please share your data recovery experience with us. Take precautions as educated above and avoid future data loss.

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