Battery Draining Quickly From Android Phone Issue: Potential Fix

battery-draining-quickly-from- android-phone-issue-fixed

Android Phone are most used phone these days. Android Smartphones has a huge fan following and users across globe. Though Android phone works smoothly but time to time Android Smartphones face some issues. While there is some issue that are device hardware related, some issue is caused by Android OS itself. Here in this article we are going to discuss about Android Phone rapid battery draining issue and possible solutions how to fix it.

Note: Here the solution given are for Android 10 OS. However, in general these fixes are same for other OS versions. On some phones the steps might be slightly different depending upon user’s phones UI. Like Samsung uses One UI, while OnePlus uses Oxygen, Xiaomi MIUI so on.

This issue of battery draining rapidly usually happens when the battery gets below certain level such as below 40% to 20% and the in few minutes the level goes to 0% and all of sudden the phone shuts down.

Solution: Android Smartphone battery draining rapidly, how to fix the issue.

Fix 1- Phone was working fine, all of sudden battery draining out fast. The reason behind this could be third party Apps for some users. If you feel that before installing such App your phone battery backup was fine. Simply uninstall those recently installed App. If you want to be sure if an App is behind the battery drain issue, you can boot your device in Safe Mode. Then charge the phone above the discharge level. Example if your batter starts draining at 30% charge your phone to 35% and then use phone in Safe mode if the phone works fine battery back is ok. Then it means for sure an App is causing your battery to drain rapidly.

Below find the instructions how to Boot your Android Phone in Safe Mode.

Your can Boot your phone in Safe mode in two ways, first when your phone is ON and second when your phone is switched OFF.

When phone is ON how to Boot your phone to Safe Mode:

Press the power button and hold. When power off options appears on screen, press and hold it for few seconds.


Then pop up to boot phone in Safe Mode will appear. Press OK and your phone will boot to Safe Mode.


When phone is switched off, how to boot phone to Safe Mode:

Some device UI are different and the above-mentioned option (to boot Safe mode while phone on) might not be available. Here you have to switch your phone off and then you can boot your phone to safe mode. How follow the instruction below.

Press your phone’s power button and hold till the Android bot animation appears. Then when the Android bot appears press Volume down button and hold till the Android bot disappears and then phone should restart in Safe Mode.

To exist from Safe Mode to regular mode just Restart your phone.

Fix 2- If you have installed multiple third-party Apps and not sure which App might be causing battery drain you can check battery uses and remove that App. If yet the problem persists, try to factory reset and check if the issue is fixed. But before you Factory reset your phone, backup your phone data. because Factory reset will delete all your phones data.

Click here to know how to back up your Android phone data. Its recommended to backup data to PC/laptop so that after factory reset you can restore your data back to your phone. You can also check the links below and check the articles and find your phones backup and restore methods.



Fix 3 In some scenarios the phone hardware issue also be behind battery draining, or your battery also might have degraded. Have your phone checked at authorized service center. If battery is degraded change it. If there is problem in hardware and phone is under warranty have it replaced.

Fix 4 – Many users customize their Android phone a lot as per there need. While doing it there are chances that it put lot of stress on the phone and cause the battery to drain quickly that usual. It might be some software issue too. In order to fix that there is an Android Repair software you can use it to fix all issues and error from your Android Phone.

Download the Android repair software, from link below on your PC/Laptop and follow the instruction below and fix your Android Phone issues. To know in detail about Android Repair Click here.

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Below find out step by step complete tutorial, how to use Android Repair to repair your android system issues.

Important: Make sure you Back Up your Android device data, before you start to repair your Android device.

Step 1. Connect your Android Device to your computer

Download & launch Android Repair software on your computer and select “Repair”

Fix-Android-by-Android Repair-Tool


Now connect your Android device to Computer via USB cable & click on “Android Repair”


You will now get device information window, here select correct brand, name, model, country/region, ad carrier details. Then confirm the warning and click ‘Next’.


In repair process the Android repair might erase all data on your Android device. Type in “000000” to confirm to proceed further.


Step 2. Boot your Android device in Download mode.

Now before you begin android repair, its compulsory to boot your Android device in Download mode. Carefully follow the instruction given below to boot your Android phone in Device firmware update mode.

Steps for Android phone & tablet with Home button:

  1. Switch off your Android device.
  2. Now, press and hold “Volume Down+ Home+ Power buttons” for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. Release all the buttons and then press ‘Volume Up’ button to enter Download mode


Steps for Android phone & tablets with no home button:

  1. Switch off your Android device.
  2. Now, press and hold “Volume Down+ Bixby+ Power buttons” for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. Release all the buttons and then press ‘Volume Up’ button to enter Download mode.


Now click ‘Next’ the Android Repair program will start downloading the firmware.


Now after download completes and firmware verified, the program automatically begins to repair your Android device.


Within minutes, your Android device’s all system issues get fixed back to normal.


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Wrap Up

In this article we discussed about Android smartphones battery draining issue. Discussed solutions how to fix it. Please let us know how it went for you. Follow us on social media and post your issues will try and write article on how to fix it. If you need instant help click on ‘Ask the expert’ link and an Android expert will help you with your queries.